Teaching Experience

Workshop Series taught for Multimedia Across the College (Institute for Multimedia Literacy, University of Southern California)


AMST 274: Exploring Ethnicity Through Film, taught by Ruth Wilson Gilmore
CLAS 375: Alexander the Great: Leadership, Personality and World Conquest, taught by Vincent Farenga
FREN 352: Modern French Cultures, taught by Danielle Mihram
SWMS 301: Introduction to Feminist Theory and the Women’s and Men’s Movement, taught by Sheila Briggs
MDA 599: The Sociology of the Image: Locating Visual Culture in Time and Space, taught by Judith Halberstam and Macarena Gomez Barris

FALL 2009

COLT 357: The Avant-Garde, taught by Gloria Orenstein
ITAL 446: Italian Cinema and Society, taught by Karen Pinkus
REL 335: Gender, Religion, and Sexuality, taught by Sheila Briggs


AMST 449: Asian American Literature, taught by Jane Iwamura
CORE 104: Change and the Future: Thematic Option Honors Program, taught by Vanessa Schwartz
CTCS 412: Gender, Sexuality and Media, taught by Tara McPherson
EALC 428: Nature and the Environment in Japanese Literature and Culture, taught by David Bialock
SWMS 225: Sex Similarities and Differences: A Multidisciplinary Approach, taught by Nancy Lutkehaus
WRIT 340: Advanced Writing for Arts and Humanities: Writing in the Community, taught by Stephanie Bower and John Murray

Class taught for Multimedia in the Core Program (Institute for Multimedia Literacy, University of Southern California)

FALL 2008

Co-taught with Todd Honma, MDA 140: Practicum in Multimedia Authorship in conjunction with ANTH 235: The Changing Pacific: Culture, History and Politics in the New South Seas, taught by Nancy Lutkehaus



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